The Svveet Collective - See You

“I absolutely loved working with Ryan on the Svveet Collective. He is a super talented creative that works well with others. If you have an idea or project he will give you 110% on helping you with it. I will for sure be working with him on future projects!” – Esai Vargas, Svveet Collective Groupmate

Project Type

Music Production

Project date

Nov 2022

Main Responsibilites

The Svveet Collective

I am a member of The Svveet Collective, and our journey is more of a creative group than your typical band. We came together after working on a class project together and what we achieved is something unique and fascinating.


The Objective

To create a unique and engaging piece of art that combines music and video production. The project aimed to showcase the collaborative efforts of the group’s members, who brought their diverse talents together to produce a song and a music video.


In the heart of The Svveet Collective’s project, ‘See You,’ lies a remarkable journey of creativity and collaboration. This case study  offers a glimpse into the dedication, versatility, and challenges we overcame to create a compelling piece of art that showcases the magic of diverse talents united in pursuit of a common goal. JUMP TO THE FULL CONCLUSION NOW.

My role

I’ve been an integral part of The Svveet Collective, and my role is multi-faceted. Not only did I contribute to the music side of things by adding instruments like keys after the original recording, but I was also responsible for the mixing and mastering process. I have a deep love for video production as well, which led me to participate in directing and even appearing on camera for this project.

Problem Solving

Throughout the project, I found myself solving several challenges, primarily in the audio domain. Quick mixes were my specialty, helping our team understand what needed tweaking. I also played a vital role in facilitating communication within our large group, as finding compromises among us could be a challenging task. Sometimes, it just takes one voice to set a plan in motion.


Mixing and mastering

Although I wasn’t the sole producer for the song “See You,” I took the lead in mixing and mastering. I worked closely with another talented producer, Evan Pratt, who shared invaluable insights about physical mixing techniques, particularly reverb. This collaboration significantly enhanced the depth and richness of our song’s production.

video and directing

My role extended beyond the realm of music production. On the video side of the project, I had the opportunity to direct and take charge since we didn’t have a dedicated director until later in the process. I was hands-on, contributing to specific shots and scenes involving the band’s performance. While I had a more minor role in video editing, I played a critical part in ensuring the final video’s publication. I also played a role in the creation of our album cover. The process was an exciting journey, starting with rough mock covers and brainstorming sessions. I ended up creating an image that gave the impression of an oil painting, which evolved into a captivating hand-drawn cover with a personal touch.

Planning & Challenges


Planning was undoubtedly a challenge for our project, considering the seven of us working together. To overcome this, we split responsibilities into smaller groups or pairs. On the music production side, we created a detailed timeline for our single, from drafting melodies to final mixes. This streamlined process ensured that we had the complete song ready for video editing. In the world of video production, we followed a similar structured plan, outlining shoot locations and maintaining a flexible editing schedule to meet our release deadlines.


One of the significant hurdles we encountered was the diversity of music production software within our group. I primarily used Ableton Live, while others preferred Logic Pro. Initially, this caused some frustration as we couldn’t seamlessly share entire projects. However, this challenge turned into an opportunity for me to learn Logic Pro and become proficient in sharing stems, making our collaborative efforts more effective.


The project “See You” by The Svveet Collective exemplifies the power of creativity through collaboration within our dynamic group. I brought dedication and versatility to the team, contributing to both music and video production, solving challenges, and participating in the creation of our album cover. Through meticulous planning and adaptability, we overcame software discrepancies and delivered a compelling piece of art. Our journey is a testament to the magic that happens when diverse talents unite in pursuit of a common goal.

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