“Ryan provided exemplary help in the structure of our filming so that I could focus on a single camera operation and doing the interview itself. As a collaborator he gave insights in the pre planning production as well as preparing the gear.” – Dobrahn Wilcoxen, ‘Stalgic

Project Type

Video Production 

Project date

June 2023

Main Responsibilites


The BBoy Factory is a renowned breakdancing studio located in Colorado. BBoy Casper, one of the most well-known BBoy members, gained popularity on platforms like YouTube and earned recognition for winning various breakdancing events.


The Main Objective

‘Stalgic’ sought to produce a captivating interview video that not only celebrates the art of breakdancing but also delves deep into B-boy Casper’s journey, his influences, and the societal impact of his art. The video aimed to provide viewers with an intimate look into the life and motivations of a prominent figure in the breakdancing world.


We utilized the power of on-the-go planning, technical proficiency, and creativity in delivering engaging video content. JUMP TO THE FULL SOLUTION NOW.

My role

I was brought onto ‘Stalgic primarily because of my media expertise. I play a role in both the pre-production and post-production phases of our video projects. Looking ahead, my involvement with the company will extend to various other media-related tasks, depending on the nature of the upcoming videos we choose to create.

A Wrench in our plans

The challenge of planning on-the-go

Due to unforeseen events this project was a sudden, last-minute undertaking, leaving us with minimal time for proper planning. On the morning of the interview, as we were en route to the BBoy factory, our car unexpectedly broke down, throwing a wrench into our plans. 

With only 5-10 minutes for setup before the interview, we had to rely heavily on improvisation, both in configuring the cameras and lighting on the spot and in addressing post-production challenges. Despite the stress, this experience proved invaluable, equipping me with the ability to swiftly create an interview setup of high quality even under tight time constraints.

Another challenge

Another issue we faced during the interview was background noise from a simultaneous breakdancing class. To tackle this, we turned to Adobe Audio Enhancer, a tool that uses AI to clean up the audio.

Solutions Provided

Preparation and Execution

With the little time the ‘Stalgic team had to prepare, we carefully structured the interview to capture B-boy Casper’s unique perspective, personality, and insights. The team also coordinated with BBoy Casper to ensure a seamless interview experience.

Technical challenges

In response to the technical challenges faced during the shoot, our team leveraged our expertise and flexibility to troubleshoot and resolve issues promptly. We employed on-the-fly solutions to maintain the interview’s audio and visual quality, ensuring that the final product lived up to our high standards.


The ‘Stalgic team’s video production project for B-boy Casper’s breakdancing interview successfully achieved its objective of creating an engaging and informative video. This case study highlights the team’s ability to adapt to unexpected challenges and deliver a high-quality product. It underscores the power of creativity and technical expertise in the realm of video production.

In summary, the ‘Stalgic team’s collaboration with B-boy Casper not only showcases the art of breakdancing but also exemplifies ‘Stalgic’s commitment to exploring the purpose and societal impact of art through compelling storytelling. The success of this project underscores the power of effective planning, technical proficiency, and creativity in delivering engaging video content.

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