One Night

“One Night by Ryply catches eyes immediately with a beautiful cover made by the artist himself. All of Ryply’s lofi fills the room with relaxing and bubbly vibes. Perfect for background conversation music, video games, or just chilling. One Night is a beautiful blend of what Ry has been mastering slowly, the art of lofi.” – Creek Hall, Musician

Project Type

Music Production

Project date

Sep 2023

Main Responsibilites


This song, which I’ve titled “One Night,” falls under the genre of lofi music. I drew significant inspiration from an artist I’ve collaborated with in the past, Benny Bronco. His unique style and creative energy ignited my passion for this track.


The Objective

“One Night” was a late-night creation, born out of a surge of emotions that needed an outlet. My primary objective was to express those emotions through music, channeling my feelings into a musical form. Music is a highly subjective medium, so my goal was to create a beat that resonated with me on a personal level and, in turn, had the power to uplift the spirits of others. The vibe I wanted to portray was a blend of calm and contemplative, something that listeners could lean on when they needed to feel better.


Interestingly, there were no formal plans for the creation of “One Night.” The song emerged on a night when I was feeling somewhat under the weather emotionally. I sat down with my Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and allowed my emotions to flow freely into my work. I often work in this free-flowing manner, believing it allows my creativity and emotions to find their way into the music naturally.


One of the significant challenges I faced during this project was obtaining an album cover. Acquiring cover art can be costly, especially for a single song. After exploring various options, I ultimately decided to take matters into my own hands and create the cover art myself. This decision not only saved costs but also gave me an opportunity to explore my artistic side. The cover became a deeply personal representation, mirroring the song’s emotional depth.

The finished song

A vision fulfilled

“One Night” is more than just a song; it’s a piece of my soul. When I listen to it during times of emotional turbulence, it fills me with a unique set of feelings that only music can evoke. The song, in its simplicity and depth, offers different perspectives to the listener, whether they’re feeling happy or sad. It successfully fulfills my vision for the project, acting as a comforting, contemplative companion for anyone who needs it.


“One Night” is a testament to the power of music as a means of self-expression and healing. The spontaneous and emotional creation process, coupled with a personalized album cover, adds depth to the song’s impact. Through this case study, I’ve shared the journey of crafting “One Night,” a lofi creation that speaks to the emotions we all experience during those quiet moments in the night.

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